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Archos to release their Android-based tablet in July?

March 27, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Archos to release their Android-based tablet in July?

We have already heard that Archos is planning to release an Android-based Internet tablet sometime this year, and now some more details are beginning to surface.

The good news here is that, while we still do not have an exact release date, it was further confirmed to be available “at the start of Q3 2009,” which means possibly as early as July.

As for details, while they are still lacking, we can tell you that they are aiming to “integrate telephony to its future multimedia internet tablet” and deliver “communication and entertainment in a single mobile device”.

Pricing has not been set just yet, however Archos has stated that their new lineup which will include the Android tablet along with some other devices will range in price from €50 and €500 (around $68 to $680 US), however they did not specify where the Android tablet would fit into that price range.

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