Apps: “Retro Defense” game attacks boredom

March 26, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Apps: “Retro Defense” game attacks boredom

Retro Defense is an Android game that is tough to review. Not because it’s hard to describe, but because it’s difficult to pull myself away from playing it. Even when I know I should be writing about this tower defense game from Larva Labs, I’m too busy trying to ward off rounds of menacing invaders. A good game can do that to you.

Neon lights and 80’s style sound effects add a nice bit of nostalgia to Retro Defense. This classic atmosphere brightens up the quest to build towers that destroy enemy forces. Killing the invaders earns money necessary to build, upgrade, and recycle those towers at different points along a map. The available arsenal includes faster red towers, more powerful green towers, power boosters, limited range shockwaves, and rays that slow down aliens.

Retro Defense demands gamers quickly pinpoint what works and fails on its 15 maps. If the right tandem isn’t set-up between or during attacks, a life is lost for each invader that passes through the entire board. Considering what weapon is best to handle the type, speed, and number of invaders during each attack can be pretty exciting. Discovering the best alternative through trial and error makes Retro Defense an addictive and entertaining game. Search for “Retro Defense Lite” in the Android Market to get a free demo and decide if the game’s $4.99 full version is worth a purchase.

App: Retro Defense
Price: $4.99

Retro Defense for iPhone from Matt Hall on Vimeo

(This video was made by LarvaLabs and shows the iPhone version, but it’s the same preview the company has for Android. I posted it just to show the pointers offered in the videos.)