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Apps: Open Home bulks up home screen

March 9, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Apps: Open Home bulks up home screen

Google Android fans who want to give their phone a new look and more space have a new tool in Open Home Lite. Made by the same people who brought you BetterCut, Open Home Lite creates an alternate home screen that adds several new features to an Android phone.

Open Home Lite offers:

  • Six (6) home screen panels instead of the default three.
  • Skinning of folder icons, clocks, and widgets
  • Auto rotate between landscape and portrait views

Open Home Lite can become your “default” home screen and will appear whenever the “Home” button is pressed on the G1. It will then apply themes created by members of XDA Developers, however, it does not apply themes to the notification bar just yet. Up until now, only G1 phones with root access could skin apps, so that may explain why the notification bar may pose a problem.

Since “Lite” is in the title, I’m assuming a more robust, fully-featured Open Home is forthcoming. Below are screenshots of the themes and a video tutorial of how to install the themes that are downloaded from the Android Market.

fadetoblue.png    glossyminimalism.png    ghostblack.png    rustymetal1.png    buuf.png