App Review: Sweeter Home (BETA) spices up home screen

March 17, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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App Review: Sweeter Home (BETA) spices up home screen

Another day, another home screen alternative seems to be the story of recent times. Sweeter Home is the latest app in the Android Market to provide a new way to organize content on the home screen, something we’ve already seen in aHome, Open Home, and dxTop.

Sweeter Home, currently in beta, favors simple themes over flashy, graphic-intense interfaces. It’s personally not a look I would go for, but more theme development or even a wallpaper change can address that. Cosmetics aside, the difference between Sweeter Home and other home screen alternatives is that it offers unique content and layouts. The home screen is designed in a grid format that can swipe left, right, up, or down. After swiping to the bottom window, you can then move right to expose all of the installed apps. The premise is similar to dxTop’s diamond layout, but there are more available windows and contents.

The new home screen also displays calendar events, most recent SMS text messages, missed calls, most recent phone conversations, and quick access to contacts. By entering “Layout” mode, users can change the display for this content as well as app shortcuts.

Sweeter Home is an interesting app and one of the most customizable home screen replacements. However, more work needs to be done in order for this app to fully reach its potential. The layout mode isn’t the easiest thing to deal with and there are bugs in dock content. For instance, the calendar doesn’t display all upcoming appointments and moving shortcuts on the home screen can occasionally cause them to disappear.

Such problems are expected when an app is still in beta. Thankfully, Sweeter Home recognizes that the app needs a little fine-tuning and has an effective system of addressing its problems. A Wiki has been set-up to report bugs and is frequently updated. Once that tweaking is complete, Sweeter Home will be a much stronger take on the Android home screen.

App: Sweeter Home
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