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Android dev phones get update, paid apps explanation

March 9, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android dev phones get update, paid apps explanation

The Google Android Developer Blog declared today that there is a new software update available for the Android Dev Phone. In addition to announcing the release of the 1.1 version of Android for the Android Dev Phone, which adds a number of new features and bug fixes, the blog post confirms that security is the reason dev phone owners cannot access certain paid apps in the Android Market.

Developer Advocate Dan Morrill explained that Android developers have the option of using a “copy-protection feature (known as “forward locking”) which prevents applications from being copied off devices.”

Forward locking becomes a useless security measure on dev phones because Android gives unlimited access to content on the device. For that reason, the Market app on Android dev phones cannot access copy-protected apps; even free apps that use the forward locking feature are not available.

Morrill went on to urge dev phone users to download Version 1.1 of the Android for the Android Dev Phone, which is available for download from HTC. The new software update:

  • Resolves issues dealing with AlarmClock, DialPad, IMAP bugs, default mail checking interval, and several other known bugs (Read complete list here)
  • Improves map feature that now includes added reviews and details for businesses
  • Adds longer in-call screen time when using speakerphone
  • Supports saving MMS attachments
  • Adds support for marquee in layouts

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