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Turn your G1 into a Wi-Fi hotspot with Ndroi

February 5, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Turn your G1 into a Wi-Fi hotspot with Ndroi

A new app has surfaced for the G1, it is called Ndroi and once installed it will allow you to share your internet connection. Essentially, Ndoi will turn your G1 into a public hotspot. First off, I write this post with a little warning, I have not yet tested this out, and I also believe it may put your T-Mobile account at risk. However, with that said, Ndoi does seem to be promising, it does however seem to have some quirks.

According to the Ndroi website, this app will turn your G1 “into a Wifi router which will use your UMTS connection and enable any other device to connect to it.” It also has a management area so you can see who else (if anyone) has joined your network. Personally I am curious to see if you can password restrict it, or at least kick someone else off when you see them come on.

Now for the quirk, from the description it appears to need RC29 and root access. As for the setup directions. Just follow this and this, then install the app. Finally, and this again is according to the Ndroi website; “If all went well, congrats, if not (trust me) give it another (10) tries.” Like I said, it seems to have some promise, but this does not seem to be for everyone just yet.