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T-Mobile begins testing $50 unlimited voice plan

February 19, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile begins testing $50 unlimited voice plan

Some good news may be coming for G1 owners, well actually T-Mobile users in general here in the US. T-Mobile has begun to test a new calling plan option — one that should be welcomed news for those long talkers. It is an unlimited calling option for $50-a-month. Personally, unlimited calling is a bit much for me, of course I use my G1 more for data, but it still sounds like it would be a welcomed addition.

Keep in mind that as of now, this plan is just in the testing stage, which means that most people will not be able to take advantage. In the beginning it will be available only to loyal customers (those who have been with T-Mobile for at least 22-months) who live in San Fransisco.

Also, as a part of this offering, T-Mobile will begin to give a $135 credit for anyone who switches from another carrier. While this credit was noted as being part of this promotion, it did not mention whether it was also available only to those in San Fransisco.

As for when this offer will be available to customers nationwide, well unfortunately a date has not been announced by T-Mobile. However, according to UBS analyst John Hodulik, he expects it to come in a “few weeks.”