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Quickoffice enters the Android Market and its a paid app

February 17, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Quickoffice enters the Android Market and its a paid app

Quickoffice has just entered the Android Market, and in what seems to be right on track, this is not a free app. Just like we mentioned last week, the Android Market is moving on to accept paid applications, and Quickoffice will cost $7.99.

Now, aside from being what we believe is the first non-free app to enter the Android Market, Quickoffice does seem to be purchase worthy. In short, it is an office suite in your hand (or pocket). It will allow you to access, view or manage Microsoft Office files. It will work with files that are stored on your memory card or from your Gmail. Additionally, it also serves as a file manager and allows you to navigate folders, rename, delete or view file properties, as well as sort files by name, type, size or date modified.

Quickoffice offers compatibility for Office 2003 (and older) Word and Excel files. There is also compatibility for regular text (.txt) files.

A few drawbacks are that this release does not allow for viewing of Office 2007 documents, it also does not yet allow you to edit any document. Unfortunately, this only allows you to view and manage files at this time, nonetheless it still seems like a worthy app to have installed.

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