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Overpriced “I Am Richer” app makes its way into the Android Market

February 24, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Overpriced “I Am Richer” app makes its way into the Android Market

Android now has its very own ridiculously overpriced app, which is priced as high as the Market rules will allow at $200. The app is called I Am Richer and is just about the same as the once overpriced iPhone app that was called I am Rich. Of course, it is a little funny, because I Am Richer is actually much cheaper in price. Otherwise the only real difference is in the coloring, the Android app shows off a blue gem, while the iPhone version was red.

Basically the app does nothing, except make you have less money in the bank. Even the app description is pretty funny.

“Prove your wealth to others by running this app and showing them the mesmerizing glowing crystal. Only those with the wealth and sense can show the world their glowing crystal.”

Honestly, whether you have lots of money or not, I am pretty sure you could find something better to do with your $200. Of course, thanks to the Android Market return policy it may be possible to download I Am Richer, play with it for a few seconds and then get your money back. Of course, if you choose that route and do not get a refund for some reason, don’t blame me for suggesting it.

[Yahoo! Tech (Image courtesy: Gizmodo)]