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Huawei Android phone reveals few details

February 16, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Huawei Android phone reveals few details

Huawei promised to bring its Android phone to the 2009 Mobile World Congress, and the Chinese cell phone manufacturer fulfilled its promise. However, there is one rather important detail: an early glimpse at the iPhone lookalike device is about all that Huawei was willing to share.

Huawei’s booth at MWC puts its Android phone on display, but the non-working model wasn’t turned on or exhibiting how the phone will perform. Wi-Fi, GPS, camera? Who knows. No details about the phone’s features were released and no information about carriers, availability, price, or even its name, were announced. (Huawei leaves branding to cell phone carriers).

A press release from Huawei revealed only that the company has “partnered with a design consultancy to develop a robust and user-friendly interface.”

That translates to an Android-powered phone with a different set of icons, themes, and general experience. Here are some renderings of the mystery phone.

huawei_1.jpg   huawei_2.jpg   huawei00.JPG