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HTC Magic reveals new Cupcake “live folder” feature

February 18, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


HTC Magic reveals new Cupcake “live folder” feature

Lost in the mix of all the excitement over Vodafone’s HTC Magic (aka the G2) has been a “Live folder” feature noticed by Mobile Crunch. After long-pressing on the home screen, the Magic provides the option to add four types of live folders:

  • All Contacts
  • Contacts with phone numbers
  • Starred Contacts
  • YouTube favorites

Selecting either of these folders will create a shortcut that automatically gathers content fitting that description.

For instance, my Google Contacts feature quite a few contacts that I only communicate with through e-mail addresses. I don’t have their number and probably will never need it on my G1, so it can be a pain to thumb through a bloated contact list when searching for a number. The “Contacts with phone numbers” live folder will display only those contacts that have a phone number entered. The same convenient concept applies to Starred contacts and YouTube favorites.

The live folders feature is based on the Cupcake build, so we’ll likely see it pop up on other devices or firmware updates in the future.