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App Review: Where, the multi-locator

February 28, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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App Review: Where, the multi-locator

Where are you? If you’re searching for Starbucks, cheap gas prices, or local news, Where can provide answers for all three.

Location service Where brings geotargeting searches to Google Android, finding everything from restaurants to friends. While there are other Android apps that perform location-based searches, Where has the distinction of finding different types of places, things, and people to recommend them.

Where consolidates the functions of several Android apps into more simple versions. Though the app’s movie listing feature lacks extensive previews, it is effective for someone who just needs to know the schedule at local theatres. The same can be said for Gas, which provides a free alternative to Gas Bot; Headlines, a news feature that can be narrowed to a specific community; a Starbucks locator; and an AccuWeather-powered forecast.

android.pngThe dreaded “Force Close” errors affect Where, but the occasional buggy behavior is worth enduring because of the overall convenience factor. In addition to the previously mentioned features, Where can locate entertainment recommendations with Yelp, and store common searches or favorite places in the “My Stuff” widget. With the promise of traffic updates, deal offers, and other widgets to come, Where is shaping up to be a must-have app for travelers and people on the go.

App: Where
Price: Free

Key Features

  • Business searches within GPS location
  • Local gas Price comparisons
  • Change search provider (long press search icon)
  • Where Wall for recommendations from city residents