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Androinica and Twitter together at last

February 27, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Androinica and Twitter together at last

Twitter’s brightest stars are President Barack Obama, Britney Spears, and Ok, I snuck that last one in there, but a guy can dream, right? Twitter has become a widespread and useful communication tool, so of course decided to create an official Twitter page that will be all things Android.

The same news, insight, and features that drive you to will be linked at, or @androinica in Twitter speak. The Androinica Twitter profile will be a great way to stay informed of new Android tips, devices, apps, and general news items. It will also be a place that welcomes feedback, so don’t be afraid of the “@reply” feature. Followers can read and tweet to their heart’s content!

Androinica has already profiled Twitter, the microblogging shooting star used by tech pros, politicians, celebrities, and even G1-loving guys like Shaquille O’Neal. The social networking service delivers 140-character-long messages, fostering a community that’s equal parts Facebook, Digg, and Blogger.

We even compared four of the most prominent Android Twitter clients available for free in the Android Market. aTwitter, nanoTwitter, Twidroid, and Twitli, are four great apps that have more strengths than this sentence has repetition. Be sure to explore which Android app makes staying up-to-date with your favorite OS easier. Your friends at will be waiting.