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Rumored 2009 roadmap for HTC devices leaked

January 12, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Rumored 2009 roadmap for HTC devices leaked

Could the world be in for an Android avalanche in 2009? If you believe the buzz regarding HTC’s supposed plans for the year, the answer is yes. A member of the forums posted a purported leak of the manufacturer’s phone designs and companies that would carry each.

The leaked photos don’t reveal any operating system info, but given HTC’s promise to develop more Android handsets and the obvious touch-screen capabilities of the phones depicted, one of these devices may be the next Android phone to get the world excited. Among the concepts are a media-centric touchscreen phone with a built-in prop stand, a model similarly-sleek as the HTC Diamond, another touchscreen with slide-out keyboard, and a HTC Dash/Excalibur-like phone with a physical keypad.

It’s strange that this information would leak just after the conclusion the Consumer Electronics Show, which lacked many news-breaking Android announcements. This could either be very calculated hype, a genuinely unauthorized leak, or just more wishful thinking by mobile phone fanatics. The validity of the phones have yet to be confirmed, but if they are real, HTC is in firm position to remain one of the leaders in Android development.


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