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Cupcake screenshots posted by Android developer

January 23, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Cupcake screenshots posted by Android developer

Though T-Mobile users won’t get to enjoy the Cupcake update anytime soon, they can glimpse at the Android operating system update courtesy of developer Arron La. On his personal Android development blog, La posted screen captures of the Cupcake build that he installed on his phone. He points out that Android has slightly modified icons, animation effects, application settings, and of course a virtual keyboard among other things in the new build. It also sports a Notepad application, but there are already a number of apps in the Market  like AK Notepad and Text Edit that already fulfill this need.

Other changes include:

1. New Local Setting Page – Gives you option to pick different locales and pick different text inputs.
2. New Option to view running and third party applications – An option to view running and third party applications from the normal application list. Does not provide a way to terminate them.
3. New windows opening/closing animation effect - a new popping effect when windows are opened/closed.
4. New default notepad – a very simple and ugly default notepad.
5. New Global Time application – not sure if it will be provided by TMobile but it’s just a rotating earth and I couldn’t get it to do anything else.
6. New Spare Parts Application – Once again not sure if the official version will have this, but it provides a number of extra settings such as setting windows animation and transition animation speed, font size, end button behavior and etc. It also has a “display rotation” option which supposedly should allow auto-rotate base on orientation across the entire os, but it is not currently working.
7. New Virtual Keyboard – The virtual keyboard will pop up on every edit box. I didn’t feel any haptic feedback but I am thinking that it’s just not there on the example keyboard. Because the phone does not auto-rotate (an option exists but it doesn’t work), it’s very hard to type on it. The sample keyboard also does not provide auto-corrections.
8. Slightly better looking buttons with more shadow.

In the comments section, La mentions that “Cupcake is still in mist of heavy development and the build was barely usable (very laggy and etc).” That means G1 owners may be even further from Cupcake than originally thought.

More screenshots are available at La’s website.