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App Review: “Polls” gets answers

January 25, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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App Review: “Polls” gets answers

Question: which color do you like most – blue, green, orange, or red? If you want to pose the same question or something more important to a group of people, Polls by Pollimath may be a tool worth using.

Polls is an Android app that — surprise, surprise — conducts polls and then filters the results to an Android-powered phone. Designed to “bring democracy to your life,” it offers a simple method to pick the minds of friends, family, clients, or anyone else you contact.

Polls can be very useful to business professionals and regular folks alike. It can be a clever way to survey team members on a project, conduct marketing research, or even just ask a group of friends where everyone wants to spend a night on the town.

When a new poll is opened, a mass SMS message notifies all of the individuals selected to participate. Once someone receives a text message, recipients are taken to a website that collects responses and then displays the results online. The poll administrator can even see a breakdown that shows how each person responds within the phone.

polls2There are a number of great options for creating polls; however, one useful feature is missing. The announcement message sent to voters is not customizable, so some may disregard the text message as spam. Future versions would benefit from letting users enter a more personal message.

Another shortcoming is that anyone without an Internet data plan on their phone or a  computer handy will be unable to participate. During a test poll I conducted, two people could not answer because they lacked mobile web and Wi-Fi access. This poses a problem in the event that a poll is time sensitive, so it would be great if users could text their response as an alternative.

There is great potential in Polls by Pollimath. The ability to save drafts, open and close polls at will, and see results within the app are exceptionally resourceful. Polls organizes feedback in a much better fashion than posing a question through a mass text message or trying to call several people about the same topic. This app makes gaining feedback from multiple people a sound, easy process.

Polls v. 1.0.1 is available for free in the Android Market. Visit for more information.