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Android app socializes Inauguration

January 19, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android app socializes Inauguration

When President-elect Barack Obama is sworn-in on Tuesday, people will share the experience through the web and their cellular phones. NPR, CBS News, and American University have teamed up to give the 2009 Inauguration a more personal feel through social media.

Inauguration Report ’09 (IR 09) combines photo, audio, and text reports submitted by Android and iPhone users. The mobile application — as well as the project’s official website, — collects submissions from people in Washington for the inauguration and those who watch the proceedings from home. IR 09 app then channels the stream of Twitter posts, comments, and photos into one aggregate source.

T-Mobile G1 owners with IR 09 may even see themselves or their content on television and the web. Both CBS News and NPR will incorporate submissions into their official inauguration coverage, and CBS may reach some users for additional comments, according to developer Nathanial Freitas.

IR 09 is available in the ‘Social’ section of the Android Market.

Images via [Nathanial Freitas]

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