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Video: Nokia N810 Internet Tablet booting Android

December 2, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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Video: Nokia N810 Internet Tablet booting Android

There is not much in the way of information in this video, it simply (and I use that term rather lightly) shows Android booting on a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. However, there is a very nicely detailed website that comes along with it — NthCode. Based on the video, Android seems to start up very nicely, of course I would not expect it to offer full functionality just yet. Items such as the Internet are not yet working.

The boot process that was recorded in the video, has come after what seems like a very large list of modifications and 19 days worth of work. It resulted in a successful boot that shows the main menu and also has the use of applications.

Bottom line, it just goes to show that an open source operating system will end up on a variety of devices. It also gives us a good look at what we can hopefully expect to come in the future, I for one would love to see a custom version of Android for the N810.

[NthCode via Android Community]