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Video: G1 seen with onscreen keyboard

December 22, 2008 | by Andrew Kameka

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Video: G1 seen with onscreen keyboard

Android, meet your new best friend. Earlier this morning, a YouTube video surfaced showing a T-Mobile G1 with a sleek new keypad that takes up about half of the screen. The keyboard appears to respond instinctively, so the Cupcake update will make good on its promise of one-finger typing.

Onscreen typing seemed inevitable once phone makers started promising Android phones that did not appear to have a QWERTY-style keyboard. Though a physical keyboard was originally one of the G1′s strongest selling points, an on-screen option will enhance the user experience. It permits quick searches or data entry without having to open the G1 keyboard. The feature is expected to be available sometime in January 2009.

[YouTube Video Link via Engadget]