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Unofficial G1 auto-rotating screen “fix” now available

December 1, 2008 | by Robert Nelson


Unofficial G1 auto-rotating screen “fix” now available

Despite the G1 being an overall good handset, it is not without some faults and quirks. One being that it does not have an auto-rotating screen, which for many seems like something that should have been included from the beginning. Thankfully, we are seeing more and more developers step up, and the latest are offering a fix for this issue and G1 users will now be able to turn their handset into landscape mode and have their display follow.

So far, the auto-rotation feature has been tested on RC29 and RC30, but who knows what will happen when RC31 is released. According to the developers, this implementation is within the SDK, and that the feature simply needed to be unlocked. Of course, time will tell what happens with RC31, however based on that we can believe (and hope) that it will be safe. In the meantime we can enjoy rotating our G1′s.

For instructions on how to get this up and running on your G1, head on over to DroidSans.

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