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Textecution aiming to prevent texting while driving

December 23, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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Textecution aiming to prevent texting while driving

A newly released app for the G1 is trying to prevent users from texting while driving, simply put Textecution “completely disables texting while the car is in motion.” The app uses the built-in GPS and deactivates the SMS capability when the phone is moving faster than 10MPH, and then once the speed goes back under 10MPH the SMS will be unlocked and available within a few seconds. It was also noted that the parent (or administrator) can grant exceptions if needed. Such an example would be if the user happened to be on another moving vehicle such as a bus or train. Of course, this would also limit their use even when they are not driving, even a passenger in a car would be traveling faster than 10MPH.

It is hard to deny that texting while driving is dangerous, I would even say it could be worse on a touchscreen device where you cannot feel your way around the keys. I also applaud eLYK Innovation for coming up with such a unique app, however there seems to be a pretty simple flaw — there is nothing stopping a crafty teen, or employee from simply deleting the app from their handset.

The developers have acknowledged the ease of which the user could simply delete the app, and are considering making that harder to do in future versions. Bottom line, these seems like a nice idea, and many help some people, but overall there seems to be plenty of times where someone could be moving faster than 10MPH and not need their texting ability disabled.

Textecution is available for download from and retails for $9.95.

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