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T-Mobile admiting G1 battery issues, sending replacements?

December 29, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile admiting G1 battery issues, sending replacements?

The latest reports are calling for T-Mobile to soon begin shipping out replacement batteries for G1 owners, of course an official announcement has yet to be made so at the time this should be considered nothing more than a rumor. According to the reports the batteries will begin to make their way out to customers in a few weeks. As for the batteries, these new models will replace the original 1150mAh with a higher rated 1400mAh, which should give users roughly 20% more battery life. Based on the increase size, it is safe to believe that the replacement will fit in the original battery cover, or at least we can hope.

While this sounds really nice, I for one will not get my hopes up to high. Of course, this all seems a little suspect, consider the fact that T-Mobile is going to be willing to send out replacement batteries to all G1 owners, and they would not even send out any of those headphone adapters that were missed by early adopters.