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ShareYourBoard simplifies whiteboard image capture in Android

December 9, 2008 | by Wyatt Foard

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ShareYourBoard simplifies whiteboard image capture in Android

As one of the winners of the Android Developer Challenge, the ShareYourBoard app has generated a great deal of interest in potential users. For all those meetings or classes that end with an hour’s worth or more of scribbling, diagramming, and outlining on the whiteboard, this is a tool that could remove the need for time consuming re-copying. The application uses the phone’s camera to take a picture of the whiteboard, then goes through additional processing for edge detection, geometry transformation, and white balance adjustment to optimize readability. Processed images are stored in a folder on the SD card.

The app performs quite well in good lighting. In low light, writing with non-black markers tends to get washed out and become unreadable. The website’s blog shows they are working on an update to help with this. After processing, thumbnails of the images are shown in a list along with an optional comment. The program does not have a way to view the full size images meaning you need to switch to the Pictures app to see if a capture is clear enough to keep. (The Pictures app apparently does not automatically detect new image folders until a phone restart.)

The processed images can easily be emailed directly from the phone or copied from the SD card. Coupled with an image sharing portal (Evernote works great and the OCR really works), this app makes for a fast and easy front end to capture whiteboard images.