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Rumor: T-Mobile set to revamp their data plans

December 2, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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Rumor: T-Mobile set to revamp their data plans

A user over on the Android Community user forums has decided that since he works at T-Mobile that he should become the “whistleblower.” And what better way to begin the whistle blowing then to let everyone know about some upcoming changes to the data plans. Of course, this information has yet to be confirmed by T-Mobile, and honestly I hope that it does not — because it is not all that good of news.

To begin with, while these changes will affect the G1, they also will affect any of the other Internet capable phones on the T-Mobile network. Anyway, according to the tipster, these plans are in the “for training only” status which means that the employees are being trained, however nothing has been announced about when they will go into effect.

So on with the bad news, the tipster is claiming that the unlimited data will soon be capped at 10GB per month. And for those users that are able to reach that 10GB limit, they will not be cut off entirely, instead they will have their access throttled at 50kb or slower.

Additionally, the Internet access for the non-smartphones will be re-branded as “web2go” and the Sidekick plan is also reported to be going up in price.

Of course, it is important to point out that this may or may not affect current data plans. Assuming that current contracts do see some change, at least users would be able to cancel without paying that dreaded ETF, however that would mean you could not use the G1.

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