Odd hack connects T-Mobile G1 to iPod dock

December 30, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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Odd hack connects T-Mobile G1 to iPod dock

I cannot think of a better term other than odd for this latest hack. Of course, I should make it clear that I do think it is pretty neat, just not very useful. Anyway, an enterprising user has found a way to connect their T-Mobile G1 to an iPod dock. The method does not seem simple, however the results seem to be complete, offering music audio through your iPod’s speakers as well as having the G1 charge. While I would not suggest just anyone attempting this hack, if you feel so inclined there is a nice set of step-by-step directions over at WebNetta. I do have to give him some credit, this was a task that would not have been discovered by me, however I cannot help but wonder why.