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New “Cupcake” Android branch adds exciting features

December 18, 2008 | by Wyatt Foard

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New “Cupcake” Android branch adds exciting features

The long list of Android system updates reads like a laundry list of all the requests and complaints heard since the G1′s release. Posted in the roadmap section of the Android site, a development branch of Android has been made public by the Google team. This branch was developed in private and is now only offered read-only to developers, but will be merged with the main open-source code base.

The list of bug fixes and new features covers many apps and system functions. Some of the changes G1 users will notice are:

  • Video capture, playback, and sharing! Easily one of the biggest oversights in the current release.
  • A2DP bluetooth support
  • A Settings option to list running apps. Let’s hope it also allows the user to close programs for memory management.
  • “Basic x86 support” Not sure, but this sounds like preparation to run Android on x86 processors. This would enable those netbooks and automotive interfaces mentioned earlier.

There is no word on when these changes will make it out to the field as an OTA update, but developers using the Dev Phone 1 will likely have the new branch up and running soon. Check out the full posting on the Android development site here.

[via gizmodo]