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Google improves search results page display on Android

December 20, 2008 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google improves search results page display on Android

If you’ve been running errands or just plain curious today, you probably ran a search through a mobile phone and noticed that Google’s search results page has a new look. The innovators in Mountain View, California have unveiled an optimized display system for mobile search results that make your iPhone or Android-powered phone load quicker and tidier.

Google has optimized the way search results appear so that text now wraps neatly on the screen. Android users no longer have to go through the trouble of zooming or scrolling left to right in order to read results. This has been a small inconvenience, but an inconvenience nonetheless, should no longer be an issue. To improve the search function even further, navigation buttons have also been adjusted to be more “touchscreen-friendly” and maps can be expanded for better views of local business results.

Optimized results appear whether a search is run through or Android’s built-in search feature. This improvement is currently available only in English, but when a similar announcement was made for the iPhone in November, Google promised to offer optimization in more languages and countries. If you have an English Android phone, run a search through your phone to see the improved design.

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