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Gizmondo gaming system delayed — again

December 21, 2008 | by Andrew Kameka

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Gizmondo gaming system delayed — again

Adding a new ripple to the sea of rumors surrounding Android phones to be released in 2009, the much-maligned Gizmondo gaming system will supposedly offer an Android-powered device sometime next year. The question is will anyone care?

The Gizmondo company was grossly unstable when the product first failed in 2005. Aside from dealing with scandals tied to the head of the company, the Gizmondo product wasn’t very popular. The device was clunky, the games were lackluster, and the once exciting features it touted are now standard on most smartphones. Sales were so poor that the company went into bankruptcy.

The newer Gizmondo has been delayed several times, the latest setback coming as a result of the global financial crisis. Even if the company can secure financing for releasing Gizmondo 2, what difference would Android make? The high-powered gaming device as a phone model has failed before for the Nokia N-Gage, and Gizmondo’s poor reputation may overshadow the excitement factor that an  Android OS could offer. It certainly hasn’t helped that the Nintendo DS and PSP have dominated mobile gaming so much, which takes away from another sales pitch the product could have used.

Gizmondo 2 would be unique among the slew of Android devices to be released in 2009 because it is fundamentally a gaming system that happens to have a phone. But it remains to be seen if being unique will be enough for Gizmondo to survive in the ultra-competitive mobile phone market.