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zzzPhone becomes second Android phone

November 25, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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zzzPhone becomes second Android phone

zzzPhone has become the second handset that is officially available with Android. Of course, before we get all that excited, this is zzzPhone and a quick look at their website may have you reconsidering a purchase. I will admit, I am far from an expert designer, but this looks like it was created by someone’s little brother — complete with bad graphics and a confusing layout.

That said, if you are feeling brave enough, an Android powered zzzPhone can be purchased for as little as $119. Keep in mind that for that price you are leaving out quite a bit, such as the keyboard, Wi-Fi, GPS, camera and more. It is also important to point out that those options can add up very quickly, especially if you choose to opt for the bling, which is this case is a “Real diamond(14 x1 Carat) on solid gold 18 Karats case” that will add an additional “$225000″ to the purchase price.

While those does seem interesting enough, I think I will stick with my G1.