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White T-Mobile G1 delayed till after Thanksgiving?

November 17, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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White T-Mobile G1 delayed till after Thanksgiving?

The white G1 has remained pretty hard to come by, sure there are some out in the wild, but for the most part those wanting white seem to still be waiting. According to reports the white G1 has been removed as available due to a problem with chipping paint. As for an expected availability, it seems that it will be sometime before it makes a return, as of now it is estimated to be coming sometime after Thanksgiving.

Additionally, those who are looking for a bronze G1 will also have a little while longer to wait. The bronze colored G1 has temporarily been removed and is not available for order due to its initial success. It is however expected to make a return sometime around November 24.

While I have been enjoying my black G1, I am also not-very-patiently waiting for a white model to come available.