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T-Mobile’s G1 has a $143.89 build cost reports iSuppli

November 12, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile’s G1 has a $143.89 build cost reports iSuppli

Once again the G1 has gotten torn apart, except this time iSuppli was doing the work to determine what the manufacturing costs would come to. The costs which are also know as the Bill of Materials or BOM offer a look into what a particular handset would cost to build.

In this case the overall total came to $143.89. Of which the most expensive components included the Baseband at $28.49, the display at $19.67 and the camera at $12.13. A few of the lower price points came in with the Wi-Fi at just $4.46 and Bluetooth at $1.66.

While the estimate of $143.89 sounds nice and low, it is important to remember that this includes just the price of the materials. It does not include other items which factor into the final price, such as the actual manufacturing, software development as well as packaging and distribution.

That said it does give an interesting look into what any particular model will cost. Just as a comparison, the iPhone 3G was given a slightly more expensive BOM, coming in at $174.33.