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T-Mobile G1 now shipping with 3.5mm adapter

November 20, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile G1 now shipping with 3.5mm adapter

With some news that is sure to aggravate plenty of G1 early adopters and at the same time make anyone who still has not made their purchase happy. The T-Mobile G1 is now shipping with a 3.5mm adapter. Pretty good news to hear, especially considering one of the major complaints (hardware wise) was the lack of a standard 3.5mm jack, especially with the Amazon MP3 integration.

I suppose that any current G1 owner that does not have an adapter should make the effort to get one provided for free from T-Mobile, but from the reports that I have read so far that task is proving harder than it sounds. But really, what can you do, we as early adopters sometimes pay the price to be first. At least in this case it was just an inexpensive adapter and not a huge price drop.