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Phoload offers up Android support

November 18, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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Phoload offers up Android support

Phoload, a free mobile software download website has recently announced support for Android. The site, which takes a community approach now offers a section dedicated to Android software. The Android compatible software can be found by visiting on any browser or by visiting directly from your G1.

Phoload is currently offering freeware, demo and ad-supported software and some of the available titles include Toodoo by Édouard Mercier, FotMob by Score Service and vOICe for Android by Peter Meijer.

On Phoload, the users can download the apps they are interested in, and also read other comments as well as write a review of their own.

Of course, Phoload is not making any attempt to replace the current Android Market, but they still believe there is a need for alternative download locations. According to Jamie McDonald, the CEO of Phoload;

“Download sites like Phoload can augment the functionality of the Android Market by, for example, offering a web-based front end and highlighting and promoting Android content that people might otherwise miss.”

So far I am enjoying the fact that we have multiple places to get apps for Android, but cannot help but think that some potential good, or great apps may get overlooked with all the available options. While I believe that more choices is generally better, sometimes the simplicity of the Apple App Store is refreshing.