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Fusion Voicemail Plus now available in the Market

November 25, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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Fusion Voicemail Plus now available in the Market

PhoneFusion has officially released the first visual voicemail app for Android. The app, which is now available in the Market is called Fusion Voicemail Plus and in some good news is completely free. Now G1 users can be a little more selective in the order of which they check their voice messages, and trust me once you get used to visual voicemail, you will dread going back.

Once you have the app downloaded on your handset, you will need to also set up an account on the Fusion website with your email address and cell phone number. That, of course is also free to setup. Then after you have that account setup, you will receive a PIN number that will pair the app on your G1 with your account with Fusion. After that is completed, you will then begin receiving all your voicemail within the Fusion Voicemail Plus app on your G1.

So, go ahead, download and begin using Fusion Voicemail Plus, and done forget that they are actively looking for feedback on how it can be improved.

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