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DoCoMo, KTF preparing an Android-powered phone for 2009

November 19, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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DoCoMo, KTF preparing an Android-powered phone for 2009

Another Android handset seems to be in the works, this time the announcement is coming from Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo and their partner South Korean carrier KTF Co. According to a report coming from the Nikkei business daily, the two carriers are combining efforts to help keep the costs down. Which brings us to the nice part of this announcement, it seems that the lower production costs may actually benefit the customers. The word is that DoCoMo is hoping to have it priced 20 percent lower than other smartphones. The new handset is expected to be launched sometime in 2009, although a specific timeframe during the year was not mentioned. All of these recent announcements have me getting really excited to see what 2009 has in store for Android, the G1 has been great for me so far, but I am very interested to see where Android goes next.