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Android not yet coming to AT&T

November 10, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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Android not yet coming to AT&T

It is looking more and more like AT&T customers are going to be waiting a while longer for an Android based handset to become available. According to some statements made by AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de La Vega they are “not prepared to make any moves to carry any Android phones.”

Of course, this should not fully rule out a future possibility because he also stated that AT&T is continuing to “look at Google’s Android operating system,” but that they feel it is still evolving and are waiting for Google to allow for the availability of more non-Google applications.

With the already hot 3G lineup that AT&T currently has with the iPhone 3G and the newly released BlackBerry Bold, the addition of an Android based handset would only give cell phone geeks like myself another reason to choose and stay with AT&T. Here’s to hoping that AT&T has a change of heart and we see a new handset sooner than later.

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