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Android Bug; typing reboot, reboots your phone

November 10, 2008 | by Robert Nelson


Android Bug; typing reboot, reboots your phone

In what can perhaps only be described as annoying, one of the latest Android bugs found will reboot your G1. The bug is simple to replicate, simply open up your keyboard press enter, type the word “reboot” then press enter again, and well, your phone will then reboot.

It turns out that Android will interpret words as commands and then it will execute them with “superuser privileges.” While this could be fun to do, maybe mess with your friend and let them think they have some damaged goods, I would suggest avoiding using certain other commands as you could do a little more than reboot your G1.

Of course, this bug is certainly easy to avoid, just don’t type the word preceded and followed by an enter. Not to mention I cannot remember (other than this post) the last time I had to type the word “reboot” at all, much less on my cell phone.

However, if this is pestering you, the fix is already on the way, it is coming as part of the RC30 update, which also corrected the jailbreaking issue.